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Adult Psychiatry

Helping you reclaim stability and balance. 

Dr. Oksana is available to help you deal with a broad spectrum of mental health disorders, from stress-related reactions to major depressive disorders.


At Family Psychiatry, a thorough evaluation is the first step toward diagnosing psychiatric problems. Our evaluation consists of an in-depth interview with you, and often with those close to you.  Special medical evaluations, laboratory tests or X-ray studies may be performed to further clarify your diagnosis, so Dr. Oksana is able to formulate a personalized treatment plan.

In most instances, treatments are offered on an outpatient basis and often consist mainly of psychotherapy, psychiatric medications or a combination of both.  If necessary, patients may be referred for other outpatient services or admitted to a hospitalization program when enhanced monitoring is required to stabilize a condition.

Condition we treat:
  • Alcohol/Substance Dependence

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Adult Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder 

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Hypomanic Episode

  • Manic Episode

  • Major Depressive Disorder

  • Depression

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  • Panic Disorder

  • Personality Disorders

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

  • Schizophrenia

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder 

  • Social Anxiety Phobia

Personality Disorders

These disorders typically aren’t diagnosed until an individual is a young adult, often not until 20 to 30 years old.  Most people can relate to some or all of the personality traits listed; however, the difference is that it does not affect most people’s daily functioning to the same degree it might affect someone diagnosed with one of these disorders. Personality disorders tend to be an integral part of a person, and therefore, can be challenging to treat or “cure.”

Personality Disorders:
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder

  • Avoidant Personality Disorder

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Multiple Personality Disorder

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  • ​​Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

  • Paranoid Personality Disorder

  • Schizoid Personality Disorder

  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder

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